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Artist : Piyarat



  Tradition of Ordination for Buddhism monkshood
 Ordination is a tradition to succeed Buddhism and is practiced in every region of Thailand. When a man reaches his age of 20 years old, he then can be ordained to become a monk. The celebration is popularly performed in parades that could use elephants, horses, palanquin, or carriages, depending on financial capability of the host. While being in the celebration, the person is only a candidate to become a monkshood, that is call “Nak”. The ordination ceremony is successfully performed inside the Buddhist temple vicinity. Mostly the ordination is conducted before the Buddhist Lent so that the person can be a monk throughout a lent. Ordination is a strong Thai tradition. Thai men believe that having been in monkshood would return favors to their parents and grandparents. So it can be said that they have completely become a man.
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Reference No.
32" x 52"
acrylic colour painting on canvas.

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